Phd position : Non-invasive transcranial low-intensity electro-acoustical deep-brain stimulation


Brain stimulation aims at reversing abnormal neural firing caused by various neurological or behavioral disorders. Although electrical or magnetic brain stimulation is mostly used, there has been an increasing interest in recent years to use ultrasound instead. The so-called transcranial focused ultrasound (tFUS) has the advantage of being fully non-invasive and its ability to focus at spots of only a few millimeters.

A first objective is to numerically research the possibilities of tFUS for targeting the deep brain nuclei with phased arrays of ultrasound transducers distributed across the skull. The applied acoustic fields will be numerically related to the realised neural activation and possible interaction mechanisms between them will be studied. A second objective is to research the use of acoustical and electrical brain stimulation in tandem, potentially limiting the needed power of the fields to be applied, increasing treatment safety.

What are we looking for?

Researcher with strong motivation.

Specific interest in numerical physics.

Master of Science in (mechanical) engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, physics or mathematics. Experience with mainly (numerical) acoustics (ultrasound) and possibly electromagnetics is a clear asset since this project is situated at their interface.

What do we offer?

Working on a timely and challenging topic with a high societal impact.

Guidance by well-acknowledged researchers in the acoustics, (bio-)electromagnetics and brain stimulation field.

 Possibilities to bring research to real life in cooperation with Ghent University Hospital.

Send us your motivation letter, curriculum vitae and Bachelor and Master diploma transcripts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information:
Prof. Dr. ir. Timothy Van Renterghem
Department of Information Technology, WAVES group
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Ghent University
iGent tower
Technologiepark 15
9052 Zwijnaarde
+32 9 264 36 34