Archived News

  • M. Foerster, A. Thielens, W. Joseph, M. Eeftens, M. Röösli, “Prospective cohort study on adolescents' memory performance and individual brain dose of microwave radiation from wireless communication”, Environmental Health Perspectives, 2018. (IF: 9.78) doi, press release.
  • R. Aminzadeh et al. win third best scientific paper award presented in the Platform Competition:
    "Human Exposure Assessment in Indoor Environments Using A 60 GHz Personal Exposure Meter", BioEM2018 Joint Meeting of The Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) and the European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA), June 24-29, Portorož, Slovenia.
  • WAVES publication wins best paper award at WEB2018:
    Toon De Pessemier, Enias Cailliau, Luc Martens, "Heart Rate Monitoring and Activity Recognition Using Wearables"
  • Successful proof of concept demos by Nico and Jens (Hycoware) and by Said, Κris, Jens and lead David (Monicow). Congrats!
  • WAVES demo LEDsTrack at IMEC ITF by Sander, Willem and David.
  • M. Foerster, A. Thielens, W. Joseph, M. Eeftens, M. Röösli, “Prospective cohort study on adolescents' memory performance and individual brain dose of microwave radiation from wireless communication” Environmental Health Perspectives, accepted. (IF: 9.78, Q1)
  • Visit of European Parliament Member Lieve Wierinck to the Hearing Technology Lab:
    On Friday Feb. 23rd, MEP Wierinck visited the Hearing Technology lab @ WAVES in the framework of the “STOA Science meets Parliament” scheme in which Prof. Verhulst participated. After an initial visit of Prof. Verhulst to the European Parliament, it was MEP Wierincks’ turn to experience the different and interdisciplinary ways in which hearing difficulties and possible solutions are investigated at UGent.
  • WAVES publication accepted in Nature:
    Arno Thielens, Duncan Bell, David B Mortimore, Mark K Greco, Luc Martens, Wout Joseph, “Exposure of Insects to Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields from 2 to 120 GHz", Nature Scientific Reports, 2018,
  • LEDsTrack project selected for imec technology forum 2018 demo floor.
  • IEEE BTS Young Professionals workshop YP-BTS, "The Convergence of Broadcasting and 5G Enabling Technologies", chairs: Guiseppe Araniti, Wout Joseph, April 16-17, 2018 in Calabria, Italy.
  • Inauguration Bolte, Haagse Hogeschool, Den Haag, the Netherlands, February 1, 2018, presentation Haagse Hogeschool – UGent. Congratulations John!
  • Ie-net awards thesis student Max Schoepen the runner-up prize in the category industrial engineering for his smart collar design for dairy cows.
  • WAVES Wi-Fi network planning tool (WHIPP) featured in imec magazine and Wireless Design & Development.
  • Prof. Luc Martens has been named president-elect of the European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA)!
  • Researcher Sergei Shikhantsov wins best poster presentation (1st place) at the BioEM 2017 Joint Meeting of The Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) and the European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA) with his paper "Human EM-exposure comparison of future wireless technologies: ATTO vs. massive MIMO."
  • MoniCow project featured in Kanaal Z video report on innovative technologies.
  • WAVES-Exposure group ranked first in number of dosimetric peer-reviewed studies for the radiofrequency range, and ranked second for studies covering the entire frequency range.
  • MoniCow project selected for imec technology forum 2017 demo floor.
  • Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology announce that Determination of the duty cycle of WLAN for realistic radio frequency electromagnetic field exposure assessment, published in 2013 is one of the most highly cited papers during 2014, 2015 and up until June 2016.
  • On November 17th 2016, Prof. Dr. Sarah Verhulst received the ‘Der Preis für Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und –wissenschaftler’ for her work on the development on diagnostic methods for research on hearing functions at Carls von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg. Since October 2016, Prof. Verhulst joined the WAVES research group at Ghent University. More information.
  • FWO-Flanders grants [PEGASUS]² Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship to dr. Arno Thielens for research into body-centric wireless communication in a network of smart bandages at Ghent University and UC Berkeley.
  • COST Action IRACON names dr. Margot Deruyck as Early Career Investigator representative and newsletter editor. The September issue of the newsletter is now available.
  • MoniCow project featured in May 2016 issue of Veeteelt digital magazine.
  • Paper Enhanced Indoor Location Tracking Through Body Shadowing Compensation by Jens Trogh et al. recognized as one of most downloaded articles in IEEE Sensors journal.
  • New job opening for research on human exposure to future wireless networks.
  • Dr. Annelies Bockstael interviewed in June/July issue of UGent community magazine Durf Denken on hearing protection at Summer concerts.
  • New job opening for research on indoor localization using wireless IoT technology.
  • Pre-announcement for PhD/Post-Doc positions in hearing-impaired sound processing.
  • Valorization of research: Dr. Annelies Bockstael contributes to the evaluation of the Flemish legislation for music sound levels – 3 years after its implementation organized by the Government Department Leefmilieu, Natuur en Energie. Her message "Onderzoek UGent: oordopjes beschermen niet voldoende" is picked up by the national newspapers De Standaard, De Morgen and others.
  • The 2016 joint meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) and the European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA) will be held from June 5 to June 10 in Ghent, Belgium. More information at
  • 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting to be held in Ghent. More
  • iMinds-WiCa to participate in FP7-GERoNiMO, a new European project on the health effects of electromagnetic fields. Press release.
  • Thesis topics for 2016 - 2017 now available.
  • Job opening for researcher for radio channel aspects of 5G and 60 GHz wireless communication. More
  • Arno Thielens is awarded the Joseph Morrissey Memorial Award for best scientific paper in the platform competition at the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) and European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA) joint meeting (BioEM 2013) in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • WiCa to coordinate the WISE Interreg IV project on safe wireless communication in industrial and work environments. (EU Directive 2004/40/EC on EMF Exposure)
  • WiCa Master thesis student Laurens Van Acker develops Google Android conversation assistant for hearing impaired children. Read more: news report.