User-centric evaluation

  • Online evaluation of recommendation tools
  • Real-life user testing
  • Evaluation of user experience, recommendation satisfaction, application utility, etc.
Research projects: 
  • iMinds OMUS (evaluation of movie recommendations in a home environment): OMUS investigates the integration and automation of (also policy based) quality reservation mechanisms within home networks such as UPnP QoS v3 (just recently standardized) and policy based admission of video-on-demand requests.
  • iMinds GR@SP (evaluation of the user experience on mobile devices): This project intends to explore and clarify (the relation between) the various QoE- and QoS-components.
  • Cultuurnet Vlaanderen (Uit in Vlaanderen)
  • Pianofiles


Tools and Valorisation: 
  • PersonalTV


Key Publications: